Social Media Policy

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Social Media Policy

Online social computing such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, specialized communities and others social platforms are part of our everyday life and are transforming the way we interact both inside and outside our company.

With social computing, individuals can become part of the masses of communicators. Through online interactions, MEGA’s greatest strength – the expertise of its employees – can be shared with customers, partners, industry analysts, shareholders, and other groups.

This document will provide all company employees with guidelines to concerning the use of social media. 

MEGA has four social media principles to know before engaging in any type of online conversation that might impact MEGA. Please make sure you understand and follow these guidelines. 

Why does MEGA uses social media?

At MEGA, we see online communication as a means to empower MEGA and its employees as global thought leaders.
Online social computing is important to help us accomplish our mission by enhancing our quality of service and solutions, developing closer relationships with our customers, creating greater understanding of the company and reinforcing our brand and thought leadership position. 
Participation, interaction and the exchange of ideas through social media provide the means:  

  • To learn and listen to our customers’ challenges, practices and expectations, and also learn about how our markets are evolving.
  • To contribute to the communication in our industry by sharing our insight and expertise.
  • To reach a broader audience and extend our connections by engaging with other professionals, thought leaders and the public. 

Key principles for online computing usage

MEGA encourages every member of the company to engage in professional conversations on social media responsibly to reinforce MEGA’s position as a global business leader.  

Your responsibility

You are personally responsible: You are personally responsible for the content you publish online, as well as your words and actions online and offline. Remember that when you participate in social media, you are speaking as an individual and not on behalf of the company, unless you’re giving an official MEGA response. Be sure your audience knows the difference.

Write about what you know: Make sure you’re engaging the right way. If you aren’t an authority on a subject, send people to the expert rather than responding yourself. You should write about what you know. Provide A unique, individual perspective on what’s going on at MEGA and in the world.  

Confidentiality, Privacy and Copyright

Respect intellectual property and copyrights: When you use social media, you should respect intellectual property, copyrights and non-disclosure laws. Make sure the content you want to use is shareable, and always attribute when quoting someone. 
Industry analysts, along with many other professional research and reporting organizations, have specific guidelines for people who want to share their research and articles on social media. If you want to share an article that has been published by an organization, please seek guidance from the marketing team before you use it. 

Respect MEGA messages and guidelines: if you publish content online, respect the MEGA brand identity and guidelines. If content is noted “Internal Only”, do not publish it externally. Some downloadable website content is made available upon user information submitted, so redirect your audience to our website to give them access. A redirect will be provided.

Be Cautious

Professional and personal gap: The boundaries of professional and personal information are not always very clear on social media platforms. Keep in mind that once you publish online, it will be public and everything online can be seen … forever.

Be consistent: Whatever you post will reflect on you, so be cautious with the way you portray yourself to your friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Ask when unsure: If you are unsure whether certain content is appropriate to share online, ask the marketing team. 

Behavior & Conduct

Be respectful & professional: being passionate is fine, but please be respectful of others and their opinions. Be polite and professional, especially when you disagree with someone. You should conduct yourself appropriately, care about what you’re writing and add value to conversations.

Be transparent and disclose: when you talk about MEGA on social media, be transparent and disclose that you work for MEGA International.  Your own network of friends and colleagues might know that you work for the company, but not necessarily their networks of friends and colleagues. You don’t want to accidentally mislead someone.  

Be nice, have fun & connect: Whether it is for MEGA or yourself, social media is a place to have conversations and build connections. It’s better to have real conversation than just push information. Social media is another tool to build the MEGA brand. So… be nice, have fun & connect! 

If you have any questions about these principles, this policy or social media in general, please contact us


Last edited : 17/02/2017