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Online Casino Malaysia - NEWTOWN

Game Type Online Casino
Payline Available
Free Spin Available
Volatility High

Newtown APK Onine Casino – Best For Andoird Users

Online casino in Malaysia have taken over traditional casinos. Now, people get to play online gambling games, in the comfort of their homes. This helps them to avoid the hassle of going from their homes to a casino. Several countries have introduced internet casinos for their players.

The Newtown casino comes into emergence to meet the demands of online casino players in Malaysia. It features various fun and exciting games which keep the users interested and coming back for more.

The initial experience is exciting for gamblers as they are given a hefty bonus by the site. This makes sure these players will come back and play to receive more prizes but that is not the only reason.

What is Newtown APK Online Casino?

Newtown casino invites all gamers to check its offers. Owners claim it’s the best site. Visitors can enjoy live slots, live casinos, card, and table games, sports betting, jackpots, and lottery.

Hence, get ready for an exciting online gaming experience. The official Newtown APK or NTC33 app is open to download. Also, the users of 918Kiss, Joker123, and Mega888 are already familiar with it. If you want to join it, install the file on your Android device and create a free account.

One can participate in gambling through favorite games through Newtown online casino. It not only entertains but also brings cash rewards. Overall, its layout is colorful and catchy. The winning rate is also more than other casinos in Malaysia.

That is why gamers give this casino a higher rating. If you’ve been disappointed with fake offers, then check this one. Honestly, a fresh start provides you with new opportunities. You know, betting is all about luck and chance. So, it either makes you rich or takes all your investments.

Main features of Newtown casino

This online casino is at the top in Malaysia. People in this area are highly interested in betting and gambling. Therefore, online apps are active to link young and passionate bettors. Newtown makes sure of security by hosting games on reliable servers.

Fraudsters and cheaters cannot take unfair benefits. Instead, only skilled and honest users get rewards on merit. At the same moment, the Newtown APK is still absent from the Play store. Therefore, you’ve to get it from a reliable store.

Play games online – if you love playing online casino games, on your device, then Newtown is for you. It lets you face other users through the following events.

  • Slot Games
  • Live Sports Betting
  • Table Games
  • Card Games
  • Big Lotteries
  • Jackpots and Bonuses
  • Daily Lucky Draws
  • Live Roulettes
  • Games Collection at Newtown

As already mentioned, there’ll be an array of sports. The specialty of Newtown casino is games. There’re styles of play. When you are an experienced gamer, you are never going to get frustrated when playing these casino games.

At Newtown, you can play a new game every time each day. Based on your choice and level of ability you might pick any title. All the casino games got a similar theme. Researching the subject of every group is vital because you can pick 1 that suits a particular choice.

The players should have loads of fun casino gamers at their fingertips. You can find other incredible choices in jackpots, in addition to all these games. Year, there’re hundreds of games you can play on the jackpot.

Most popular games in Newtown casino

Newtown casino blends new games as well as traditional games. When you want to enjoy conventional games, Newtown is worth checking.

It’s one of the best online casinos providing a great experience whatever the style of playing. You will find plenty of big games like poker and blackjack.

When you want to enjoy online casino slots, you will find a wide range of slot games here. You can play Treasure Commander, Tiger Stacks, Monkey Mania and Inner Girl, and more.

Payment procedures and customer service

Newtown online casino is a popular casino in Malaysia that you can trust. All their dealings are transparent and clean and there’s excellent customer support service available. The online casino updates its technology to make sure that your deposits are secure and safe.

Players at Newtown online casino are given the option to pick any banking method which is available in Malaysia. Newtown APK Malaysia has gained huge popularity among its users across the world based on its unique features it has.

It has made online casinos convenient for users by establishing a Smartphone interface and offering several games for its users. It does not end here; they intend to keep updating their sites and interface to make sure quality online casino games for their players.

Provide Mobile friendly website

Newtown casino has developed a mobile-friendly interface. It allows players to have access to the online casino from their mobile devices at any time, through an internet connection. You’ve a portable casino at all times, in your hands. The software introduced is smoothly compatible with all types of brands of mobile phones. It makes sure that there’s no discrimination against any player based on the brand of their device.

It can be accessed easily through any mobile phone. The theme of the site match that of the land-based casino, the same theme is also there on the mobile-friendly interface. Navigating the interface using our device is also simple as access to games can be done with no problems.

The signing-up procedure might take longer if you’re using your device as pop-ups interfere with the procedure. It’s advisable to use your PC for the signing up and registration procedure.


Newtown online casino is dominating its competitors in Malaysia. They provide a unique gaming experience. Join it for free. Yet, Newtown APK is only for android users. Malaysian players love to play deeply. No doubt, millions of players are playing online around the world.

But all of them are not into betting. If you prefer simple gaming for entertainment, it’s not for you. Anyway, the Newtown APK is free to download and all you need to do to get an account and deposit funds is a trustworthy casino agent.