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features hopex business process management
Activate our features to unlock your business process potential
feautures of business process management

Business process modeling

Save time documenting your processes

  • Intuitive Modeling Engine: Use best-in-class diagramming for business process modeling and customer journey mapping.
  • Automation: Use automatic features (initialization, auto-layout) to accelerate process modeling.
  • BPMN 2.0: Adopt a standardized approach to represent business processes, making them easier to understand and communicate.

Business process governance

Manage your processes, organization, applications, and risks in a single repository

  • Single source of truth: Gather all business process data in one place.
  • Multiple perspectives: Connect business processes to organizational structure, business applications, data, and risks.
  • Gap analysis: Compare varying process versions to quickly identify changes.
features of business process management collaboration


Gather all business process stakeholders within a unique collaborative workspace and facilitate team communication

  • HOPEX 360: Publish and share business process information on our license-free web portal.
  • Workflow: Set up validation workflow and notifications to improve collaboration.
  • Microsoft Teams: Leverage MS Teams workspaces to share business process data and foster collaboration. 
what are the features of business process anagement

Business process simulation

Simulate various business process scenarios based on time, cost, and resources

  • Analysis: Use statistical models to simulate time and cost parameters and get reports to analyze process performance.
  • Improvements: Leverage insightful graphical representations to easily spot areas for improvements and share results.
  • What-If: Enhance your business processes by running multiple simulation scenarios to select the optimal option. 
top features of bpm customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Explore the customer journey to deliver best-in-class experience

  • Customer satisfaction: Evaluate touchpoints based on a set of criteria at different times to assess client satisfaction.
  • Contribution: Understand how business processes, IT systems, and supporting capabilities contribute to improving customer satisfaction.
  • Design: Identify and refine business processes that need to evolve to improve customer satisfaction. 
five features of business process managemenisk and compliance

Risk management

Embed risk and compliance management within your business process design

  • Risk mapping: Directly map risks on your process models and connect them to operations and entities.
  • Risk assessment: Perform risk assessments by impact and likelihood and identify areas of concern.
  • Risk mitigation: Define mitigation strategies by implementing necessary controls. 
features of bpm business continuity management

Business continuity management

Minimize disruptions using strategic continuity planning

  • Business impact assessment: Identify your critical business processes by conducting BIA.
  • Continuity plans: Design, document and centralize business continuity plans.
  • Testing: Conduct continuity tests under various scenarios to refine resilience strategy. 

Benefits from the HOPEX platform to augment the team’s capacities

Embrace a new way to manage business processes by benefiting from a unique BPM SaaS platform. Foster collaboration, gain actionable insights, and automate processes for efficiency.



Connect process owners, process modelers, business teams, risk managers, and IT teams in one BPM tool to ease teamwork.



Use our powerful analytics and dashboards fueled by comprehensive data to make well-informed decisions to improve business processes.



Leverage generative AI/ML and business automation features to accelerate projects and time-to-value via process automation.

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