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We team up with various partners around the world, who have in-depth understanding of customer needs to deliver targeted know-how and expertise.  Our partners can support you in implementing our solutions and provide local consulting and support services to help you achieve your business challenges.

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The MEGA Partners Network

The MEGA Partners Network

Join the MEGA Partners Network and team-up with an innovative software vendor that is a recognized market leader and is constantly expanding its international presence.

By joining our Partners Network, you’ll be able to:

  • Extend your reach and expertise into new markets, and industries
  • Increase customer loyalty by bringing new best-practice solutions that create value
  • Generate new revenue stream
Education Program

Education Program

Designed specifically for universities and research facilities, our Education Program aims  to prepare tomorrow’s professionals by using enterprise architecture and modeling tools to address their future business challenges. We offer teachers and researchers complete access to our software for their academic use. By taking part in our Education Program, you will receive:

  • Ten of our most powerful products
  • An unlimited number of licenses
  • Access to the MEGA Community including how-to videos, blogs, and more
  • A full set of user guides
  • Training courses for teachers (depending on your location)
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