HOPEX Enterprise Architecture features

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feature of enterprise architecture
Speed up your EA efforts with a comprehensive set of capabilities
key features of enterprise architecture

Data collection

Save time building EA repository

  • Technology discovery: Leverage Eracent ITMC capabilities and automatically detect the software products used in your organization.
  • AI-Driven APM: Powered by Generative AI/ML, quickly identify the applications used and connect them to business capabilities.
  • Accelerators: Upload EA data using a tailored Excel template or leverage embedded content such as frameworks and industry capability maps.
features ea common repository enterprise architecture

Common repository

Centralize business and IT data and define a single source of truth

  • Single repository: Gather all enterprise architecture data in one place.
  • Multiple perspectives: Connect applications to business processes, capabilities, data, and risks.
  • Assessment: Manage and assess lists of applications and technologies based on business value and technical efficiency.
features of ea application external interaction diagram

Modeling tool

Make architecture modeling more accessible than ever

  • Diagramming: Use best-in-class diagramming for business and solution architecture, value stream, and customer journey mapping.
  • As is/To be: Model and compare current and future architectures.
  • Automation: Use automatic features like initialization and auto-layout to accelerate mapping.
  • Embedded content: Leverage cloud services catalog and architecture templates to design architecture deployments.
hopex ea tool feature

Business capability mapping

Map business capabilities to align overall architecture with strategic objectives

  • Mapping: Leverage our built-in industry capability maps to create your own.
  • Connection: Use HOPEX Capability Smart Mapping to connect capabilities to applications, technologies, and data.
  • Automation: Generate business capability maps and see the evolution of an organization's resources over time.
features hopex enterprise architecture

Industry reference content

Fast-track EA delivery and streamline your repository maintenance with reference catalogs

  • Capability maps: Capitalize on MEGA’s standardized capability maps for specific industries.
  • Cloud service catalog: Speed up your cloud architecture designs using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services.
  • Technology lifecycles: Retrieve technology lifecycles from the Eracent IT Pedia online library to proactively address technology obsolescence risks.
five features of enterprise architecture


Faster decision-making with a data-driven platform

  • Smart analysis: Get automatic recommendations from powerful algorithms and decide how to transform your IT landscape.
  • Impact analysis: Perform complete environment analysis before executing transformation to identify potential impacts and mitigate risks.
  • Tailored reports: Leverage out-of-the-box templates or easily configure your reports and dashboards to monitor the projects.
feature roadmap hopex tool feature

Planning and roadmapping

Build your business and IT roadmap based on the company’s strategy

  • Capability planning: Plan capabilities based on business goals and build the organization’s strategic roadmap.
  • Projects: Conduct gap analysis and pinpoint transformation opportunities.
  • IT roadmap: Assess dependencies, prioritize IT projects, and build the IT roadmap.
feature hopex ea collaboration


Gather all EA stakeholders within a unique collaborative workspace and ease team communication

  • HOPEX 360: Publish information on a license-free web portal.
  • Workflow: Set up validation workflow to improve collaboration.
  • Surveys: Leverage surveys and questionnaires to crowdsource the evaluation of applications, technologies, capabilities, data, and processes.
  • Shared templates: Create your templates to speed up the development of reference architectures.

Benefits from HOPEX platform to increase the team’s capacities

Embrace a new way to manage enterprise architecture by benefiting from a unique SaaS platform enabling collaboration, automation, and actionable insights.



Connect business architects, enterprise architects, solutions architects, portfolio managers, and security teams in one platform to ease teamwork and communication.



Provides powerful analytics and dashboards based on comprehensive data to make well-informed decisions.



Leverage generative AI/ML and automated features to accelerate projects and time-to-value.

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